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16th July 2011, 09:53
hi everyone..
I just downloaded QT sdk1.1.2 and then install it ...am I supposed to do anyother environment setting for setting path or anythng else??If yes tell me what setting should I do..

kindly tell me..thankyou

16th July 2011, 11:10
My latest qt installation (qt 4.7 / qt sdk win opensource) on my win xp sp3 installed correctly without extra configuration. I don't know if you are using nmake.

17th July 2011, 17:33
I have downloaded qt sdk 1.1.2. in this page..

17th July 2011, 23:39
If you are using the bundled MingW compiler then it should Just Work(tm) out of the box in either Qt Creator or the command shell you can start from the Qt SDK start menu.

If you are using MSVC then you will need to ensure it can be found and that its environment is correct. As I don't use it I cannot tell you exactly how to do that: there's usually a shell script that does this.