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30th January 2006, 18:56
I am new to Qt and I am looking to make a Windows video player, and from the posts, the best way seems to be using DirectShow. My question is, how do I add the DirectShow COM object to a Qt Widget? I know there is a way to add using the ID number, but there are TONS of ID numbers for DirectShow. Other posts I have read, just say to add the IGraphBuilder (??) to the widget, but do not show examples of how this is done. Could someone please provide some sample code on how to add a DirectShow item to a widget? Thanks!

31st January 2006, 09:41
check QAxWidget:)

24th April 2006, 23:36
Finally got the solution to the Qt/DirectShow problem...posted here (http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1612&highlight=DirectShow)