View Full Version : Can't start program without MS Visual Studio installed

8th November 2006, 20:37

I'm new to QT Designer and programming. I've created a basic infobox with QT Designer, and compiled it in MS Visual Studio 2005. I can start the program from my computer, but if I try to start it from a computer without MS Visual Studio installed, it won't start. It says that there's something wrong with the program configuration.

Is there anything I should include in my code? Anyway, here's the code (http://rafb.net/paste/results/YsLv4l51.html).

EDIT: And here's the header -file. (http://rafb.net/paste/results/dAByTb76.html)


8th November 2006, 20:56
You have to distribute appropriate msvc libraries in together with the application. See Deploying an Application on Qt/Windows (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.2/deployment-windows.html).