View Full Version : Modelling a QLCDNumber in QML

29th July 2011, 21:07
I just started porting my actual Qt C++ app to qt quick, and I need a widget equal/similar to QLCDNumber style.
What do you recommend to do?
Thank you very much for any kind of information.

24th August 2011, 14:19
First of all ask yourself if you really need an LCD number. Even consumer electronics rarely use them any more so in most cases your application will look better by just using a Text label with normal readable fonts. If you really want it, I would recommend either installing a system LCD Number font and set this on your Text item or if you want to give it a bit more effort, you can download some stock lcd number artwork, split it into individual numbers and place each Image item in a row. A basic google search gave me this for instance: