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30th January 2006, 18:13
Good day all,

My company is developing a GUI application, and they have decided to use QT. Unfortunately, none of the developers in our shop are particularly experienced with QT so we need to hire a new QT developer.

Our inexperience with QT makes it particularly difficult to judge the quality of the candidates we are interviewing. Can you please give me some ideas for questions we can use during the interview process to determine which candidates know QT and which are good at exaggerating their C.V.'s?

Thanks very much for your help.


30th January 2006, 18:45
A good Qt4 programmer should understand:
event-driven programming model,
the MVC concept and what models, views and delegates are for,
how direct and queued connections work,
what is needed to successfully compile Qt application.
(S)he should know also:
the limitations connected with thread-safety,
how to use layouts and .ui files
and probably many more.

30th January 2006, 18:55
That is exactly the kind of answer I am looking for. Thanks Jacek.


1st February 2010, 07:05
Hi Jimmy,

It depends on level of competency you require in Qt. But in general, every Qt developer should know following things very well.
1. C++ fundamentals (advanced)
2. Signals and Slots
3. Qt modules like core, gui, network. Webkit, SQL will be preferred.
4. Qt's event loop
5. Build process (qmake etc)

I am having 6+ yrs of experince in Qt out of total 8+ yrs. I have interviewed many people and recruited good programmers. If you need any help please let me know.