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17th August 2011, 13:44
Hello Fellow Developers,

I was wondering if it's the best practice to make desktop applications using qml and qt quick. I was now reading up on it and it says that QML us usually used for mobile applications. Now, if it is possible to use QML to make desktop applications, would it be faster or slower than making the desktop applications in the regular Qt Creator using the gui. So to sum up,

A. Can i use QML to make desktop applications. Is it recommended that i do or should i use qt creator and gui?


17th August 2011, 18:21

of course you can create desktop applications with QML.
In my opinion, if the user interface has many user interactions, text entering, tables, etc, than QML is not the best. But if your UI is mostly mouse controlled or designed for touch screens, than QML is a perfect solution.