View Full Version : Parallel computing in QT (like iPython)

25th August 2011, 13:56
He guys,

I want to write am app that executes commands un multiple machines on the network. Right now I use iPythons ipcontroller and ipengine. The ipcontroller is the server-process and the ipengines connect to it as clients and they can exchange messages and can execute commands the server assigns to them. So iPython gives me the whole functionality for server-client-networking and message-passing. Now I want to port my implementation from python to QT and build a Gui with QT-quick. Is there a QT or C++ Module you can recommend that has similar functionality or should I use iPython or something different?

Hope I provided enough information to answer the question.

Thank you guys

25th August 2011, 14:06
I do not know anything similar in vanilla Qt, but there is a nice RPC mechanism in Qxt: http://libqxt.bitbucket.org/doc/tip/tech-ipc.html.