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26th August 2011, 11:08
In my arkanoid like game I have bar and the ball which interacts with that bar, or rather which should interacts with the bar, because I have no idea how to deliver this.

I create both ball and bar in the my js script and place them in specific location on the grid (which is an item defined in main.qml). But know I am facing the problem
1. how to implement moving the ball with the bar at the same time if ball lies on the bar ? Currently bar is moved with drag.** properties set in Bar.qml, and it works great, because I can click and press the bar and it moves :), but how to inform the ball object to move also but only if it knows it lies on the bar

import QtQuick 1.0
import "logic/barMechanics.js" as BAR_MECHANIC

Rectangle {
id: bar
smooth: true
radius: 30
opacity: 0.9
gradient: Gradient {
GradientStop { position: 0.0 ; color: "red"}
GradientStop { position: 0.5 ; color: "yellow" }
GradientStop { position: 1.0 ; color: "black"}

signal clicked;
property bool sticky: false //this property if true means that ball does not bounce from bar but gets atteched to it

MouseArea { //!!!! <--- CUSTOMIZE IT ---> !!!!//
id: mouseArea
anchors.fill: bar
drag.target: bar
drag.axis: Drag.XAxis
drag.minimumX: 0
drag.maximumX: bar.parent.width - bar.width + 10

onPressed: BAR_MECHANIC.barMoving(); //sets anchor to undefined

import QtQuick 1.0

///there will be three possible bal (red,green,blue)

Item {
id: bal
property int type: 0
property bool nitro: false //ball goes fast
property bool destroyer: false //ball do not bounce from obstacles it goes throught them crushig em
property bool onBar: false

//setting the bal colour
Image {
id: bal_colour
anchors.fill: bal
smooth: true
source: {
if(type == 0){
return "resources/redBall.png";
}else if (type == 1){
return "resources/yellowBall.png";
return "resources/greenBall.png"
MouseArea {
id: ballMouseArea
anchors.fill: parent

any suggestion ? if any other code part is required let me know...

7th September 2011, 12:48
how to implement moving the ball with the bar at the same time if ball lies on the bar ?

...perhaps if you reparent it, and still moving only the Bar....

id: main
width: 640
height: 400
Bar {
id: bar
if (onBar == true)
var position = mapToItem(bar, 0,0)
bal.parent = bar
bal.x = position.x
bal.y = position.y
else {
var position = mapToItem(main, 0,0)
bal.parent = main
bal.x = main.x
bal.y = main.y

9th September 2011, 11:35
I solved that by using anchoring which I previously had thought would had been impossible.
The key to solve it was to set specific anchor to undefined.