View Full Version : Scroll Buttons in page Area for QTAbwidget

26th August 2011, 14:11
I am using a QTabwidget and when i add multiple tabs QT by default provides Scroll Buttons to navigate those Tabs when all of them are not visible .

Now each tab has page Area ,when i resize my tab-widget my page area also gets re sized and my contents within the page area are not completely visible so i want the Scroll buttons to navigate my page area within that tab .

QT doesn't provide scroll buttons for page area like it provides for the Tabs in Qtabwidgets .?

Please find the attachment for the same.

Any help would be appreciated .


26th August 2011, 14:52
QT doesn't provide scroll buttons for page area like it provides for the Tabs in Qtabwidgets .?
Is your Tab resized vertically or does is go beyond the visible edge below normally?
If its the later (which I presume) then no scrollbars will be added, since the widget is not "squashed" vertically.
Put the QTabWidget in a layout.

26th August 2011, 14:59
I dont want the scrollBars but scrollButtons like the one showed in the attachment .
My TABwidget is shrunk-ed horizontally so i am not able to see complete page area within that activated tab.
If i can get the srollButtons for page area i could navigate to see the remaining part of it .

26th August 2011, 15:59
These scroll buttons are a feature of the TabBar not the pages.
Scroll buttons for a page in the same manner as they are for the TabBar makes little sense to me, and probably in general too (which is why they are not implemented like that).
The buttons are in a fact a scroll bar with zero length between the buttons.
It makes sens on the bar, since the bar can be "moved" horizontally, without effecting the position of the QTabWidget.
This is not the case with the pages, as each page is as wide as the whole QTabWidget.
It looks to me your UI design is wrong.
At any rate, if you want such functionality as you are talking about, you will have to implement it your self.