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30th August 2011, 11:34
Hi, i have created a video player using QtQuick in which is use QtMultimediaKit 1.1 and when i try to run it shows an message llike : module "QtMultimediaKit is not installed import QtMultimediaKit 1.1 ".
I have downloaded QtMobility and installed and set the path of my QtSDK still i get the same message. Have i made anything wrong in installing qtmobility or setting the path? I'm running the QtSDK on UBUNTU. Can anyone help me...? Thanks...

31st August 2011, 07:59
Focus on the "1.1" part. You probably have an older (1.0) version of the package. If you have the QML package at all...

1st September 2011, 17:15
I've downloaded the latest version of QtMobility that is qt-mobility-opensource-src.1.2.0, and yet i face the same problem "QtMultimediaKit 1.1 module is not installed.. Can you please help me...?

1st September 2011, 18:49
I'm not talking about the version of mobility but rather it's qml module. See if QtQuick/QtMultimedia demos work for you (if there are any) and have a look at their code to see which version of mobility is imported in QML.

2nd September 2011, 05:14
Are you running your video player on the desktop or simulator? I've encountered the same error before, also with a video player. After researching, I found out that you can only test the multimedia (audio, video) functionalities of your app using an actual symbian device.

You cannot test your video player if you run it on desktop or simulator.

2nd September 2011, 09:16
I'm running my video player on Desktop simulator......

5th September 2011, 08:38
Thanks for your reply.... So is there any module in QtSDK to create a Video recorder application for linux based systems...? Can you give me some guidance regarding QtMultimediaKit...?

5th September 2011, 14:03
Hi nitish,

I sincerely apologize cause I'm just a beginner in qml. I answered your question based on the experience I had before. I'm not really the one you should ask for guidance regarding qtmultimediakit. but i think this link could help you http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1-tp/qtmultimediakit.html

However, should you have any question that I can answer, I won't hesitate to help :)