View Full Version : sharing Memory between 2 processes (vs2008 application and Qt application )

7th September 2011, 10:52
hi guys,

i successfully implemented share memory Using a File Mapping for IPC between two vs2008 applications
( CreateFileMapping + CreateMutex...)

for more info:


I'm wondering how to do that between a QT application and a VS2008 program?:confused:

I checked a previous post here, but, still confused.

I also checked QSharedMemory in QT, but, still didn't figure out how to do that. please help. thanks a lot!!!

7th September 2011, 11:25
Hi Christian,

what is keeping you from doing it exactly the same way? IPC = processes running on the same machine = same OS = same API accessible. Furthermore you know already how to do it.


7th September 2011, 14:12
...and, what do you mean by vs2008 application?
VS2008 is an IDE that uses the MS development tool-chain.
Since you can develop Qt applications with VS2008, where is the difference then between a Qt application developed with VS2008 and non Qt application developed with VS2008?