View Full Version : Showing QML files into QMdiArea

10th September 2011, 12:44
Good Morning to all,
I'm trying to show a QML file into QMdiArea, do u have any suggest?
I know how show an image into subclassed QMdiArea, using QPainter drawImage slot and paint event, but, there is no slot to paint a QWidget.
How can got it? I should subclass QMdiArea and QDeclarativeView by the same Object? I tryed it but I got an error relative to the setObjectName, that it was ambiguous (my control is used in form).

How can I got it? Have u some indication for me?

Thanks a lot for your time.


13th September 2011, 08:21
Hello to everybody.
I solved the problem! :) It's enought to set a QDeclarativeView as viewport widget of the QMdiArea!

That's all!

Thanks for your time