View Full Version : Repeater and itemAt undefined references

20th September 2011, 08:42
I have issue with Repeater and his function itemAt(index). When I'm trying to find item in repeater I'm getting error:

TypeError: Result of expression 'dystrRepeater.itemAt' [undefined] is not a function.
Function where error appears:

function autoRelease(number, isAuto)
var dystr = dystrRepeater.itemAt(parseInt(number- 1))
dystr.isAutoRelease = isAuto

On fedora everythong works fine, on winXP I'm getting error. What is going on? Is it bug on win Qt? Is it construction of autoRelease function incorrect?

My Qt version on winXp: Qt 4.7.3 for Desktop - MinGW 4.4 (Qt SDK)

21st September 2011, 15:32
As I remember the itemAt function for the Repeater was introduced in QtQuick1.1 which was coming with Qt 4.7.4