View Full Version : Implementing a QDial type control in QML

20th September 2011, 09:26
I'm just starting with QML. I've watched a lot of the videos from DevDays '10, read some of the documentation.

I've encountered this sample, showing a slider controlling a dial:

For my application I want to implement a sort of QDial with my own "skin" (images) that is the actual manipulated control (unlike in the sample where it's only an indicator of the change in the slider). Can anyone give me some pointers about how to go about it?

I can guess that one way would be to use a MouseArea onPressed and translate the clicked position into the angle the dial needs to move in. But if there's a cooler way to do it with the whole QML magic flying around here, I'd love to know it.

27th January 2014, 01:18
I want to achieve the same goal as you did. Did you finally find out the cooler way. Any tips or snippets will be appreciated.

27th January 2014, 14:12
Well I can't really help - for a while we were using a Dial component that came with Qt Desktop Components, but since then this component was made obsolete and our application changed as well.