View Full Version : New to QT..need help guys..sorry for the trouble

17th November 2006, 13:58
hello ,

it was nice to see people helping me out in my post on graphics..that was so gr8.. thanks.. but i am new to QT and i am a fresher.. they asked me to trace out the solutons for the following ...

1) QT support for basic operations on 2D images(Zoom in, Zoom out, colored lines, Drag and drop, connectivity, Icons)
2)Analysis on direct support of database on update of 2D images
3)Perfomance of QT when other graphic tools are used..
since i am just a fresher and this is the first time i am using the tool.. i am finding it diffictult... plse help me out

i need solutions and links if possible//..thanks again..

17th November 2006, 14:32
I'm afraid that all answers will just say that Qt is the best toolkit you can have. If you want really objective opinions, you will have to evaluate Qt yourself. Of course we can help you to write benchmarks.

Start from here:

17th November 2006, 16:20
I am also fairly new to Qt . It is a bit difficult to come up to speed. But, I am finding that Qt is very powerful and well designed ... being much more that just a GUI toolkit ... as I first thought.

I'm using Qt with other graphics libraries (e.g. OpenSceneGraph, OGRE, OpenGL, and OpenGL shading language).

I'm using Qt threading with other threading libraries (e.g. OpenThreads, Boost threads) and haven't encountered any road blocks.

I'm using Qt shared pointer types with other shared pointer types (e.g. OSG::ref_ptr, boost::shared_ptr).

I'm also using Qt with MySQL.

In a nutshell, I am integrating several libraries together and am finding few obstacles that I can't navigate through.

Let me know if I can help further.