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22nd September 2011, 14:01
I'm playing around with connections between C++ and QML.

I've found a case in which it seems like a signal connection doesn't work at first, then works on calls from other locations in the code.

A bit of code to clarify:

// Header
#include <QObject>
#include <QDateTime>

class MyQmlInterface : public QObject


Q_PROPERTY(QString singleValue READ singleValue WRITE setSingleValue NOTIFY singleValueChanged)

const QString &singleValue() const;
void setSingleValue(const QString &newSingleValue);
void emitCppSignal(const QString &passedStr);

Q_INVOKABLE QDateTime getCurrentDateTime() const {
return QDateTime::currentDateTime();

void singleValueChanged();
// THIS is the signal I want to connect to
void signalFromCpp(const QString &passedStr);

public slots:
void somethingHappened();

QString mSingleValue;

// Cpp

const QString &MyQmlInterface::singleValue() const
return mSingleValue;

void MyQmlInterface::setSingleValue(const QString &newSingleValue)
if (newSingleValue == mSingleValue)
mSingleValue = newSingleValue;
emit singleValueChanged();

void MyQmlInterface::somethingHappened()
setSingleValue("O RLY");

// Method to emit the signal
void MyQmlInterface::emitCppSignal(const QString &passedStr)
emit signalFromCpp(passedStr);

// QML

import QtQuick 1.0

Rectangle {
width: 360
height: 360

Text {
id: myText
anchors.centerIn: parent
text: myInterface.singleValue

Connections {
target: myInterface
onSignalFromCpp: {
myText.text += passedStr
myText.rotation += 90

Now here is where I initialize my Qml display and expect to see the result of my signal being emitted:

// The types are what you expect :)
mView = new QDeclarativeView(this);
mEngine = mView->engine();
mContext = mEngine->rootContext();

mQmlInterface = new MyQmlInterface;

QString filePath = "D:\\QmlTest\\QmlTest.qml";

mContext->setContextProperty("myInterface", mQmlInterface);
mQmlInterface->setSingleValue("Set after context...");


//! If needed - this is how to clean up in case Qml wants to quit
//connect(mEngine, SIGNAL(quit()), this, SLOT(declarativeEngineQuit()));

// This first signal call doesn't work
mQmlInterface->emitCppSignal("this getting to you?");

The above code runs when I click on a button to "start" the qml test. In a different place in my code (index change of a table widget) I call the same method.

mQmlInterface->emitCppSignal("this getting to you?");

Current behavior is that only the index change calls are getting through the QML. For my implementation I can live with that but why is it happening? Is this a bug?

16th October 2011, 02:19
You have to register your class to qdeclarative engine to be able to connect to C++ object signals which are not notify signals of object properties. Registration can be done using qmlRegisterType template function:

template<typename T>
int qmlRegisterType(const char *uri, int versionMajor, int versionMinor, const char *qmlName)

For you code it would be for example:

qmlRegisterType<MyQmlInterface>("MyQmlInterfaceNamespace", 1, 0, "MyQmlInterface");

More info:

16th October 2011, 07:53
Thanks for your reply.

The code given here should still work. And as matter of fact, it does, for any later call to emitCppSignal. That's why I wrote, it doesn't work only for the first call.
I changed some things in my actual project so I don't have this first call in my working code, but if I manage to find time to repeat it I'll try to post a better explanation of the issue.