View Full Version : Stack object on top of one other

23rd September 2011, 09:16
I'm looking for a method to stack one object on top of another one.
I want to show a progess-bar on top of a qwt plot (this should say inside the plot area) when data is loaded.

What will be the best way to do so?

23rd September 2011, 09:36
If you really don't want to use QProgressBar then I guess you create your progress widget with the Qwt plot as parent, raise and absolutely position it. What have you tried?

23rd September 2011, 09:45
I didn't try anything yet because I don't have any clue what to do.
Indeed, it is possible to use QProgressBar - this was my first intention. But I don't know how to place this widget on top of my qwt-plot-widget. That is my problem.

Furthermore I don't really understand what you want to tell me in your post about a progress widget with Qwt plot as parent. At least, I still don't know how to display the progress bar.

23rd September 2011, 12:05
Ok, I have found the QStackedLayout. This works fine!