View Full Version : QML and QCalendarWidget

23rd September 2011, 15:19

I'm looking for a way to make the rotation of calendars, using QML in a QWidget. See the attached image.
The idea is to click on the left and right buttons that are aligned with the calendars, they should slide to the left or right, with the next or previous calendars.
How can I integrate this, any example is welcome.

23rd September 2011, 16:22
Is using QML a requirement here? If not then use QPropertyAnimation to animate the position of each calendar and use four calendars instead of three.

23rd September 2011, 16:47
Interesting. Out of curiosity, you can use QML / Quick Qt here or is not feasible, even though QPropertyAnimation is best.

23rd September 2011, 17:09
You can use QML but you'll have additional work in embedding QCalendarWidget instances into the scene. The sliding itself is easy.