View Full Version : Qt Quick QML Disable Resize and Maximize Buttons Handlers

26th September 2011, 23:14
Hello Everyone I'm newbie to this terms and specially even more to Qt, but slowly i'm making my way in this wonderful language! :D

So my problem is the following one, How can I disable the resize and maximize handles of a Qt Quick QML Game/Application I'm doing...

I have tried some codes like: setSizePolicy( QSizePolicy( QSizePolicy::Fixed, QSizePolicy::Fixed, TRUE )
and this->setSize blababala, but none of them neither works or I'm doing something wrong... like Where do I need to put them, because I'm putting them into the QML plain text section.... or is it
in the CPP file? or H file? Give me a hand on this please.

Thanks in advance to whom it may concern.