View Full Version : Trouble with executable icon image

28th September 2011, 17:13
I used the following link: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/appicon.html and followed it word for word and I am still getting errors.

I have a folder let say called Application that has all the necessary files in it (.h,.cpp,.ico,.rc) and I first locate the folder and run this (running Windows):

qmake -project

This creates the .pro file which I then add the line according to the link:

// stuff
RC_FILE = myapp.rc (this file is identical to the one mentioned in the link)

Then type the following command in:

qmake Application.pro

Then do the normal compiling methods like so:

mingw32-make clean
qmake -config release

After compiling for a bit, I receive the following error:

myapp.ico: read of 45989871 returned 0

Is there something I am missing?

29th September 2011, 00:51
The output leading up to the error message would be useful. Is the error message coming from windres or something else? Does "myapp.ico" (incidentally, not the same name as the linked example) exist in the correct directory?

29th September 2011, 17:01
The error does appear to be coming from winres the exact error message that it spits out is as follows (no errors prior to this line):

windres: myappico.ico: read of 45989871 returned 0

As far as I know the files are all located in the correct places, the myapp.rc file is in the same folder as the .pro file. The myapp.rc is literally identical to the one listed in the link. I hope that helped a bit and I appreciate any help in solving this problem. Thanks!