View Full Version : No redraw of QML in 64bit Win7 (update() in QDeclarativeItem is ignored)

Grey Phantom
3rd October 2011, 13:36

I work on a QML-based UI where some elements are implemented in C++ plugin.
Everything worked fine so far in WinXP 32bit and Win7 32bit. Last week I got new laptop with Win7 64bit on board, and my code does not work properly there. Several seconds after start-up application behaves nicely, but then suddenly view stops redrawing. Neither QML-initiated events, nor plug-in calls to QDeclarativeItem::update() work. In plugin I am 100% sure that update() is called, but then I know, that calls to overriden QGraphicsItem::paint() do not happen as expected. The view only gets redrawn when window gets/looses focus.

I have quickly verified my application on a desktop running Win7 and had no problems there. This leads my to suspect that there is something different about how Windows 7 requests window update on my laptop and on other computers, however I am unable to figure out the difference right now.

Can someone help me out to understand what on Earth is going on there?

Thanks in advance!