View Full Version : Visual Studio 2003 and .vcproj files

31st January 2006, 20:15
I am running into a problem. We used to develop our code with visual studio 6, we switched over to .net 2003, with .sln's and .vcproj files. I do not build with makefiles and also do not maintain .pro files, since we are currently only running on windows. My problem is we use clearcase, and everytime I build, I am prompted to check out my .vcproj file. I check it out and build, and then check the differences with the previous version of my .vcproj file. Basically what happens is lines move around in the .vcproj file, but nothing changes, this happens everytime I build. The files that are being "updated" are the "generated files" in the project. the moc_ and ui_ files. Has anyone run across this? Does anyone know any way to fix this?


1st February 2006, 00:01
I figured this one out. In Visual studio .NET 2003 if you go to Tools -> Options and go to the Qt Folder in the Options dialog, the is a setting for AutoUpdateBuildSteps, if this is set to true, it will change the .vcproj file, if you use clearcase, this is a pain. I set this to false, and ran my compile, it works fine.

1st February 2006, 00:51
Thanks for posting your solution - I am in the same situation: developing in QT in Visual Studio 2003 using ClearCase, and have noticed the same behavior. You have just saved our development team a great deal of annoyance. :D :D :D