View Full Version : How do I learn Qt Quick (QML) ?

11th October 2011, 09:04
I want to learn Qt Quick and want to develop apps with QML... How do I learn it ?
Is it necessary to learn javaScript ?
I have some basic knowledge with C++...

Can anyone explain me about Qt Quick ?
Any book suggestion ?

Please... Help... I love Qt Quick very much...

13th October 2011, 14:13
If you know C++, it will not be a big deal. Its just like CSS. Learning Javascript to the core is not necessary, just learn how to declare variables, assign and some basic stuffs. Will be a lost easier and you can learn it as you use it.

If you want to learn Qt Quick (QML), then download Qt SDK from here (http://qt.nokia.com/downloads). And start from the Hello world documentation. It will explain each and every line clearly. Just add codes to the Hello World code itself and run the program to see the changes. It will be a lot easier. Animations are like cake walk. Enjoy Qt Quick!!

14th October 2011, 06:38
I'm new to QtQuick too and I got a book called Beginning Nokia Apps Development by Ray Rischpater and Daniel Zucker. It was a very good all rounder and had a section on QtQuick that included declaring user interfaces, programming for the web with QML, and integrating C++ with QML.
Besides, QtQuick got introduced in Qt 4.7 and most Qt books were written before that so they don't include chapters on QtQuick. So there's not much of a choice :D.

There are some good beginner videos by ICS network that you're free download.

The book and vids are what got me started

Good Luck

14th October 2011, 15:08
This thread made me curious, I just gloogled a little and found a Meego book



Being about Meego, for sure it would have QML and QtQuick.
Not available on Amazom :( I think we all know why...

29th October 2011, 03:35
Thank You guys...
I know the basic part of javaScript & CSS can I start with QML ?