View Full Version : QDeclarativeView3D black screen while loading 3D model

21st October 2011, 13:59
Hi all,

I'm writing a QtQuickApplication, in which there should be a box showing a 3D model made in 3ds.
I took a QML project online that does this job, using a .qml file with this simple piece of code:

import QtQuick 1.0
import Qt3D 1.0
import Qt3D.Shapes 1.0

Viewport {
Mesh {
id: cube
source: "cube.3ds"

Item3D {
mesh: cube

I run this qml project, and everything works fine.

I decide then to import this "sample.qml" file inside my Desktop application, as explained in http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/qml-integration.html#loading-qgraphicswidget-objects-in-qml. To do so, I promote a QGraphicsView to a QDeclarativeView3D, and in the main cpp file I write:


where ui->graphicsView is obviously the QDeclarativeView3D widget.

Now, there's the problem: I run the application, but the QDeclarativeView3D remains always black, even "mousing" over it.

Any suggestion will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,