View Full Version : how to integrate qt into kdevelop correct way

22nd November 2006, 05:59
helo i m using very old version of kde-2.1 with qt -3.3.0 installed at /usr/local/qt
for i make my gui part in qt and uisng that gui into kdevelope.
i integrate gui into kdevelop as given below.
first of all i make one project file into qt
thne design forms.
declare slots.
then i done
#qmake -o makefile nsgui.pro
then i add .h and .cpp files into kdevelop
and write defination of slots into kdevelop
its works
but i dont know this is correct way or not
can u tell me which is correct way
Thx n Regards,

25th November 2006, 08:58
I don't remember how it was in KDevelop 2, but I think you can at least import the project as a custom project, so that qmake and make will be called when needed, but it is also possible that you can import/create a Qt project directly. Anyway, the best way would be to upgrade to KDE3 and KDevelop 3, as it has full support for Qt3 application development.