View Full Version : Autofocus for camera and Position source problem

26th October 2011, 22:18

I develop a project about camera barcode scanner, and there are some problem.

There is a method "searchAndLock()" in QML Camera element.

After the lockStatus changes to Lock, it would call captureImage() method and capture (in my program).

but when I run the program on Nokia C7, it would not work because C7 cannot autofocus.

If I just call the captureImage(), the image would be very blur on Nokia N8 (can autofocus).

Is there any solution that I can write one program to C7 and N8.

and another problem is about PositionSource element (GPS)

When I change the setting of my phone, the PositionSource would change the source from GPS, Wifi or 3G.

Can I set the source to Wifi or 3G in default, it's really slow by positioning from gps.