View Full Version : Using Qt to display a interactive heatmap

10th November 2011, 08:46

I have used Qt before to make interactive MySQL forms
I'd now like to make a simple interactive heatmap
I have the data Id like to represent visually, containing location, temp, humidity and time stamp

I'd like to know if Qt has the functionality to visually represent data in the form of a heatmap and have the time component interactive
I would like to be able to input multiple vertices of x,y and a (color)value and then display this data visually
Which functions should I be looking into

Santosh Reddy
11th November 2011, 03:28
I don't fully understand your requirement, but QGraphicsView is a nice place to start with

11th November 2011, 07:56
OK dont worry about the interactive part I can always just redraw it

Ill put it this way

I have some points scattered roughly in a grid pattern on a 2d plane
The value range from 0 to 100
The 2d plane goes from -100 to 100 on both x and y axis

Point 50,50 is value 100
Point -50,-50 is value 0

Obviously points between these points go from 0 to 50

Now If I add 0,0 to be 25
Now the points inbetween are different it starts at 0 and goes to 25 in the center then to 100

Now I want to add point 0,25 and put in the value 75

Around -20,-30 the value is 75
The points approaching 50,50 from here are influenced by the 0,0 point of 25 so it could be about 30 near here

Now I want to get the value of all points in the grid based on this

What I'm looking for is probably more math but some function that can do this