View Full Version : add items one by one in row using tableWidget

23rd November 2006, 10:47
hi all
i ve one tablewidget:
i ve ->1 row having 3 col.named----- name,emp id,designation n select
now i want->add items in next row using one single slot defination with clicking a button named "add item"
for eg: name emp# desig select
1. abc 123 r&d <checkbutton>

and->in select column's row i need a checkbutton
->n when we checked the checkbutton i wanna show another dialog

so plz tell me the criteria to follow as soon as possible

thanks in advance

23rd November 2006, 10:58
Please try to concentrate on the English you write. Avoid abbreviations and try to construct proper sentences so that people can understand what you are saying.

All slots of QTableWidget have been listed under the topic Public Slots. QTableWidget doesn't have such slot which could be directly connected to a signal offered by a button. It only has QTableWidget::insertRow(int row) which requires an integer as parameter to indicate the row where you want to insert to.

23rd November 2006, 11:33
thanks for replying..its very good enough...but doesn't meet completly with my requirement ...
see my form in attachd...actully its a simple concept
but dont know how to impliment when i had made table using designer...and on click of button items that i had mention in coding comes in next row