View Full Version : Fixing bug in Omron FINS protocol driver based on QTcpSocket

16th November 2011, 10:44

I coded Omron FINS tcp/ip driver using QTcpSockets and it partially works - reading from registers from plc connected to pc works ok , but when I send command to write to reg. of the plc then I get response timeout from the


I have the code , documentation with a description of a protocol and even C code examples from Omron and remote testing on hardware.

I need somebody experienced in specifically Omron FINS protocol or close to , to inspect my current code and fix the bug ( problem of response timeout when writing to register ).

That could be in interest for any body that like to gain cross-platform software development experience.

If one will fix the driver such that I test it and it will function ( work ) then I can pay him some ammount of money ( 20-30 USD I will pay for sure if that will work , perhaps more if my customer will provide more prepayment

from a budget )

If somebody is interested then contact me at stsht@ymail.com with your basic details and ( required ! ) code examples of QTcpSocket ( berkeley sockets ) usage for communication from standart PC to some external hardware , then we should negotiate via real time chat also.

Kindest Regards.