View Full Version : QVGImagePool: cannot reclaim sufficient space..

16th November 2011, 12:43
Hi All,

I've been encountering some problems with displaying images in QML.

I have a splash screen with an image with width and height equal to 640 and 360 respectively. As I start the app, it can load the images, but the console outputs this message:

QVGImagePool: cannot reclaim sufficient space for a 640x360 image.

and as I navigate through the screens of my app (containing images as well), the console logs this message and eventually, the app will close itself.

I am using latest QtSDK 4.7.4, my device is Nokia 500 (haven't tested it in other devices)

Can anybody kindly please give me an idea on what the console message means? And probably what I have to do to prevent this and prevent my app from closing itself?

Thank you all so very much :) have a nice day.