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16th November 2011, 16:51
I have been somewhat away from Qt for past 6 months and QML has become quite popular in the meantime. I always wonder whether QML can completely outplace Qt for some kind of applications, what is your opinion?

16th November 2011, 22:16
QML is Qt, so...

But if you ask whether QML can replace C++ "for some kind of applications" then "for some kind of applications -- yes".

17th November 2011, 05:59
Ok, to be more specific, I came in touch with some company developing Qt applications for mobile devices. They were looking for a trainer having expert knowledge on QML and not Qt. They wanted to explore all the possibilities including Graphics view and MVC in QML and not on Qt. That made me thinking whether it is possible to write applications using MVC architecture in QML itself.

18th November 2011, 17:12
As far as QML is concerned, no body has to teach it. It can be learnt by starting with the HelloWorld. Within a matter of weeks, we can find ourself creating Animations like flicking the finger and trying out all possible things in UI design. But Qt has a lot to do with QML. As the features of the applications increase the necessity for using Qt will gradually increase. If the application is just an UI, then we can go and on code it in QML.

For me, QML will take sometime, at least till the release of Qt5, to take on Desktop OS. Because I personally experienced a performance lag, when drawing highly decorated UI (with gradients, images, too much Javascript, Animations) using QML, especially as the Drawing area got more, the performance dropped.

And more over, to extend QML we have to use Qt. So it will continue live behind the screen (even if QML takes on all environment) and we will be growing it.:)

20th November 2011, 11:37
Thanks for the detailed description raja26. Even I had the same understandings and explained to the company looking for this training but they did not understand and went ahead with some trainer who promised to train them only on QML without even talking about Qt!!