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17th November 2011, 13:40
I have built a GUI and its working. I need to put in a page where ill put in some details of the GUI and the Licenses and End User rights for the GUI. For this i have a Push Button which when clicked should open another form where i have a Text Browser and a Link which directs to the GPL 3.0 Licenses etc. But for some reason the second form is not being called when i click on it. This is the code that i have written. Please let me know where am going wrong.
My first form where my basic GUI is created is test.ui(which has its own test.h and test.cpp). And now i have added a dialog.ui(which has a dialog.cpp and dialog.h). My pushbutton is in test.ui whiuch when called should start the dialog.ui.

void unametest::on_pushbutton_clicked()
dialog *dlg=new dialog(this);

18th November 2011, 11:06
Is this method declared as SLOT ? Is the "clicked()" signal connected to this slot ? Is this slot called when you click the button (use qDebug() to find out) ?

18th November 2011, 21:53
only showing a small part of your code.... read below.

18th November 2011, 23:10
only showing a small part of your code.... read below.

And the code that *is* shown won't even compile.