View Full Version : Qt/Embedded over PocketPC

6th January 2006, 14:15
is it possible? and how?

6th January 2006, 15:15
Qt/Embedded is strictly for embedded Linux at the moment.

The only embedded Windows platform that would probably work would be Windows XP Embedded, but this would use the Qt/Win stuff, not Qt/Emb.


15th January 2006, 21:07
You can always try Opie. It's a Linux replacement for WinCE.

It is based on TrollTech's Qtopia and use Qt/Embedded.
I'm using it on my iPAQ 3835 and it's very nice :D

For now, only Arm-based PocketPC/PDA are supported ( Hardware support (http://opie.handhelds.org/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/Hardware) ).
More info on : http://opie.handhelds.org

18th January 2006, 15:17
Opie works well on my Zaurus, and I know many other PDA users are into it. I tried GPE (GNOME Palmtop Environment) as well, wasn't all that impressed at the current development status when I tried it though.