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22nd November 2011, 16:46
Good morning,
i made a simple map with a button and 2 textedit fields.
The first enable and the second disabled.

Using code i enable the other field when click the button


All works and i can write in that field. The cursor when i click the button is set on the field previously disabled.

Problem is that using the TAB key to navigate the 2 fields, the cursor doesen't set on the field enabled by code.
I try to click on the enabled field and the cursor doesen't set on the field at all.
It works only when i click the button.
Why this ?

Thanks Gabriele

22nd November 2011, 18:52
I don't know. Perhaps it misses some kind of initialisation, being read-only. I would try creating the field as not read-only and turn it into read-only as late as possible and see what happens.

23rd November 2011, 13:20
Yes, i will try in this way...