View Full Version : Display german umlauts did not work correctly

23rd November 2011, 18:01

i wrote an application which uses german for the initial language. In these strings are german umlauts.
On Windows Qt displays the umlauts correct.
But now i have to port my application to mac osx 10.8 and not all umlauts are displayed correctly.
I have checked the files. All files are encoded with utf8.
Does anybody have a clue what is going wrong?
I've also tested the trUtf8() function instead of tr(). With this it displayed correctly but i can't change the language of these parts. Even if i readjust the language translation files with update and release.

Any help is appreciated.


23rd November 2011, 21:34
When I have to include non-Latin-1 characters in the source I use QTextCodec::setCodecForCStrings (http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/qtextcodec.html#setCodecForCStrings).

23rd November 2011, 23:43
not all umlauts are displayed correctly
So, which ones are displayed correctly, and what is displayed for the ones that are not displayed correctly? This could be a host system font issue or encoding issues or a combination.

How are your Deutsch Wörter written into your source?