View Full Version : Do you regularly use Qt Quick?

28th November 2011, 02:36

i was wondering how often do you use Qt Quick, and in which particular purpose it is clearly better to use it?

i've just discovered it reading the doc, it seems to be an easy solution, but is it regularly used (as a general rule) or is it for only very specific apps?

Thanks in advance

2nd January 2012, 10:50
I was having the same doubt till a few days ago. But after extensive research and looking at examples, I understood that Qt Quick is used in the apps where you need some good visual effects. So if you want some cool visual effects for an application, then Qt Quick is a good choice. Some places where one might need are embedded/mobile applications, few desktop applications like photo viewers, etc.

If you are developing an application for desktop/embedded platform which just need some basic menus and actions, then Qt-C++ is good enough. But this is my understanding about the topic.