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1st February 2006, 15:58
If you've taken a look at the simple QT4 tutorial, (which can be downloaded by right clicking on: http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=75&d=1138742423
and selecting "Save As..." Note: it's labled as a bz2 but it is really a zip file. Just rename the extension and unzip it. It contains an HTML file with several images. All edits, additions, improvements, etc., welcomed!) which describes my Homestead application, you'll know that it is an SDI with four frames. On three of the frames are about 30 QLineEdit controls. When the controls are disabled the Qt default foreground and background style is rendered.

My users were complaining that the default disabled text was too dim to read. So, I used the Designer to manually change the disabled text atttribute to be as dark as the enabled text attribute. The results look nice, but the process was really LABOR INTENSIVE and made me wish AGAIN for a group edit capability in the Designer, one where I could select a bunch of controls of the same type (or which possess some of the same properties) and then make a change to all of them at one time! (Are you listening, Trolltech?)

I am using commerical QT4.10 with MSVC++ 2003 with QT Integration. After making only those changes the compile time on my app went from under 4 minutes to over 20 minutes! :eek: When I compiled under the DOS box the time to compile was just as long.:(

1st February 2006, 19:19
Did the compile time increase only the first time after the changes or everytime when you build your project after making these changes? Do you have some type of console in Visual Studio that shows you compiler output so you can see where it spends so much time?

2nd February 2006, 14:19
Hello GreyGeek,

Thanks for sharing this!
I would recommend everybody to read it!

I have a question about "depends" in your tutorial.
You say this is a free tool from microsoft. I searched the net but didn't come up with a download link of the tool. Could you provide us a link?

Does anyone know if there is a linux variant of this functionality?