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5th December 2011, 01:41
I have searched all around and cannot get this to work! Attempting to call hide() within changeEvent in a way such as:

void AppWindow::changeEvent(QEvent *event)
if (event->type() == QEvent::WindowStateChange)

causes the window to white-out rather than hide. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix this? I am attempting to use a tray-icon on minimize, but without being able to hide will never have much success. Currently, the only way I can work around this is to use a singleShot timer to call the hide.

5th December 2011, 02:28
Try this way (at least it works fine in our projects):

if (event->type() == QEvent::WindowStateChange && windowState() & Qt::WindowMinimized)
QMetaObject::invokeMethod(this, "hide", Qt::QueuedConnection);

5th December 2011, 03:26
That's very neat, works great. Next problem:

When I restore the application it loses it's window-size. It remembers it's location, but forgets the size. Is there a proper way to restore, or am I going to have to save the settings and restore them manually when brought back from the tray. I am using:


I have tried simply using 'show' and 'activateWindow' but this has the same flaw and in addition it fails to bring the window to the front.

Added after 42 minutes:

Currently I have fixed the problem using saveGeometry and restoreGeometry. However, if this is a needless work-around I'd like to drop it. Any ideas are welcome.

5th December 2011, 12:12
Maybe this will help:

void MainWindow::restoreWindow()
setWindowState(windowState() & ~Qt::WindowMinimized);

#ifdef Q_OS_WIN32
::SetWindowPos(effectiveWinId(), HWND_TOP, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE);