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6th December 2011, 17:29

I am using Qt in an embedded environment (Freescale i.MX) and I am having problems with browsers on my target platform. I am able to start the demo browser app and it brings up the browser window but when I click on the favorites or try to launch a request from the URL, nothing happens, not even an error message. I have also built my own simple app that launches a browser window with a hard-coded URL, but again, the browser window opens but nothing else is displayed. I am able to 'ping' other computers on the network so I am assuming that I have network access. I have made sure that the 'proxy' option is not enabled which I believe is correct for our network.

Is there some browser configuration or package that I am missing or ???

Thanks for your help,

11th December 2011, 18:23
Just an update on this problem. It turned out that the DNS was not setup correctly on my target platform. After configuring the '/etc/resolv.conf' file with the correct domain and nameserver parameters, the browsers were able to access the requested addresses.