View Full Version : Console Window flashes when I start my Qt program

12th December 2011, 17:39
Hey All,
So I have a project that's setup as a win32 console application ( also tried straight win32 app ). When the program starts it creates a trayicon and does a bunch of other backend things. However, the real issue is when I start this for a split second a console window will flash and then go away. Is there any way to get rid of this as it looks really ugly... I've played around with the linker settings by setting the entrypoint to "mainCRTsetup" but alas-nothing... Anyone experience this, and if so how they got rid of it?


12th December 2011, 22:07
Solved: Using regular main and changing subsystem to windows was working. Code that I didnt see in my project was actually showing and hiding a window causing the flash.