View Full Version : New QT4 OpenSource Astronomy Software avaiable!

15th December 2011, 19:38
Hi @all

Some friends and my self from Germany are developing on Sourceforge a Astronomy OpenSpurce Programm, based on QT4.
The Projectgoal is to display the entire Milkyway Galaxy, based on the Data of Scientific Space Catalouge as ESA Hiparcos and Tycho1/2
Missiondata. The Software is BSD licensend and can be used free of charge. Right now, any data will displayed in 2D but we on the Road to
OpenGL/OpenCL and supporting 64-Bit on all 3 Major Plattforms.

Check it out and if you want to contribute to the Project,please let us know.


or follow us on Twitter:

Greetings, Peter:)