View Full Version : ScrollHandDrag in QGraphicsView and mouse events problem

16th December 2011, 12:57

I have QGraphicsScene with big image and smaller QGraphicsView, so I need to
scroll scene in view, so I enabled:
but on this big image there are some smaller images (subclassed from
QGraphicsPixmapItem) for which I need mouse press/move/release event.
The problem is:
When child image receives press event I accept it in order to receive further
move/release events (which works fine), but then event is not propagated to scene and
ScrollHandDrag doesn't work.
I need the scene to be scrolled always, even when I press object that grabs
mouse events, how to achieve it?
I suppose I should mess around with eventFilter but I need some hint on how
this whole idea should work. Please help

best regards

18th December 2011, 12:59
what happens that you want mouse move on a pixmap item? how should this happen at the same time as graphics view moving?

I don't think the consequences make sense. I don't think it makes sense at all to do this from a usability perspective.