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19th December 2011, 10:17
I write a Qt program and build a release version "myProgram.exe" to run on other PC. The release version can run on my pc, but can't run on other pc. Other pc didn't install Qt enviroment, but I copy the QtCore4.dll and QtGui4.dll to the same directory with "myProgram.exe". When I run "myProgram.exe", the program will crash, the error information is "APPCRASH, ..., error module: QtCore4.dll, ..., error code: c0000005".
I write and build "myProgram.exe" using vs2010
Thanks a lot.

19th December 2011, 11:38
you should use an installer - maybe those dlls are not the only required dependencies?

Otherwise, I suggest you make a debug version and try that on your friends machine.

20th December 2011, 15:30
Use Dependency Walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com/)on the target box to see what's missing.

21st December 2011, 04:52
Error 0xC0000005, AKA Access violation, is typically the result of using a null or invalid pointer in your code.

Error 0xC000007B (decimal) -1073741701, STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_FORMAT) is typically the result of missing or corrupt DLLs.