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28th November 2006, 08:48
hi all
i m new to qt so even i dont know what is resource fork and data fork and how we can create them ..
i wanna create them both...but dont know how to create them both..is there any path for study them with examples and or tell another solution....if any

plz do help me out as sson as possible

28th November 2006, 10:15
So if you don't know what it is, what do you need it for? And what does it have to do with Qt Designer?

28th November 2006, 10:26
actuuly problem is that i ve to learn abt it within today or tomorrow...so i waana create it...if u have any path for learn it thn plz refer it...as it it ll be helpful future programming...as per requirement of project....

plz help if u know abt it...
as soon as possible

28th November 2006, 11:55
If you want to know what the resource fork is check Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_fork), but this has nothing to do with Qt Designer, so please ask such questions in a more appropriate section.

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28th November 2006, 18:20
You want to avoid resource and data forks. These are specific to the Mac OSX HFS file system. The problem with them is that it's too easy to "strip" off the forks when you zip up or email a file. These have been deprecated in OSX, so while they are still around, you should not depend on them.

If you need to create application specific resources, either use the Resources subdir of the application bundle, or use Qt's resources.