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22nd December 2011, 09:10

Qt based image viewer using QGraphicsView.
Please help me :(

22nd December 2011, 09:13
Please help me :(Help in the meaning "write the code for you"? It is a simple graphics view with items for the images. And then just react on the mouse events to select an image or move the thumbnails. Nothing special. Read the documentation about QGraphicsView as a start.

22nd December 2011, 15:03
Sr pro, i beginning, so i don't know this,
Please help me one time.

Added after 27 minutes:

who can share this code ?
Please :(

22nd December 2011, 22:54
We are not a board where you get any out of the box solution. You have to code, you have to learn. We only assist you with specific problems. So split the problem in different parts. First try to get the thumbnails to work. Displaying and scrolling. Then move on. If you have trouble, post the code you have to far and we can work on from there.