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3rd December 2006, 11:01

For the next upcomming version of Monkey Studio, i need the help from some testers to tests beta private releases.
Note that Monkey Studio 2.0.0 will be based on Qt 4.2.0 minimum.

What is test releases ?
It's quite simple, it's :
* Join Monkey Studio Team as tester and be a mimimum available.
* check out ( svn ) and compil the sources, and note all bad things ( warning, errors ... )
* Test the application to reporting bugs, ideas, and new features.
* Use during all time of the Monkey Studio 2.0.0 development / test the same tools ( like same Qt version, and OS )
* Be able to make small report after each private beta release, or after new official commit.
* Be able to read / write UK to dialog with the Monkey Studio Team on the irc channel ( freenode #monkeystudio )

Well, it's nearly all thing u need to know / do.
Please note that this is PRIVATE beta test and therefore, u will not be able to speak about the releases, nor else to publish the source code, screenshots and so without my permissions.

I'm so looking for motived persons, who have the requiered caracteristics :

- Linux / Qt 4.2.0
- Linux / Qt 4.2.1
- Linux / Qt 4.2.2
- Windows XP / Qt 4.2.0
- Windows XP / Qt 4.2.1
- Windows XP / Qt 4.2.2
- Mac OS X / Qt 4.2.0
- Mac OS X / Qt 4.2.1
- Mac OS X / Qt 4.2.2

And else if u have an alternative OS ( BSD, Unix like, Windows Vista ), or if a new Qt release will out, u can contact me.

For contacts, please join #monkeystudio on freenode or drop me an email at pasnox@gmail.com.
If u are retains, a confirmation email will be sent to u.

Thanks, P@sNox,

12th December 2006, 12:23

Thanks for the persons who contacts me.
But it's not enough, as i lack MAC OS X testers :|
Please if u like Monkey Studio and u are a MAC OS X user, join the testers team.

For becoming a Monkey Studio 2 Tester u need 2 simple thing :

* Register on the forums accessible here : http://beta.monkeystudio.org

* Send me an email with your infos :

First Name Last Name ( Nationnality )
Forum login
Qt Version
OS / Processor
Compiler / Version

Thanks, P@Nox,

28th December 2006, 15:58

The Monkeys ( Monkey Studio Team ) are happy to inform you that the new webpage is now up !

Please update your bookmarks : http://www.monkeystudio.org

This is the place where u will be able to use, forums, trac, wiki, bugs reports and so on!
As a christmas present, i had Monkey Studio 2 screenshot on the Screenshots page.

Cheers, Happy new year, P@sNox,

UP: We really need Mac OS X testers, please help us.

3rd February 2007, 09:49

For those who are interested by Monkey Studio, here is a new video of the WIP of the v2.

You can access too at http://frenchbreaker.free.fr/temp/Qt/ to see all videos.