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5th December 2006, 14:43
hi !
i'm a newbie of KDevelop, i have a KDE/C++ project. i want to debug it.
i can start to debug (Debug --> Start), but i can't get any information i want such as variable values (number, string...)

anybody, help me !

regard !

5th December 2006, 14:48
Try setting breakpoints and then start the debugging. In Debug menu you will find Toggle breakpoint option

6th December 2006, 04:08
i set breakpoints, start debugger. the debugger dose its mission very well.
but i can't get any normal information from it.

i can see which statement is currently carried on, the way the program executes.
but i don't know what the value of a particular variable is. nothing to show them.

i search in the its IDE, there is a tab of debugger,GDB, it shows something like thread, used libraries,.... but those information dosen't help me to debug.

in VC++, i can get much more information i want.

i can't find any documents for kdevelop debugger.

can you show me how to debug or tell me where to find those docs ?


6th December 2006, 09:02
You should have a "variables" tab. You can set and trace watches there.

6th December 2006, 09:26
There is also a Frame stack, Disassembly and GDB tabs at bottom right