View Full Version : QtSolutions install problem

2nd February 2006, 15:49
I've downloaded QtSingleApplication from the QtSolutions.
The install text says I should :
run qmake
run nmake
add "include(your-install-dir/src/some-package.pri)" to the .pro file
run qmake on the .pro file.

I'm using MSVC, I'm not using pro files (am I?) I have the .h file included in my project. I can even bind the .h and .cpp into the project. but I still get unresolved external symbol linker messages.
can anybody tell me what's going on? and how I can get the classes into my msvc project


2nd February 2006, 18:20
Please show your error messages. It's impossible to say something without it...

3rd February 2006, 12:14
Could this be an open source versus commercial issue?

As I understand from the Trolltech website some of the QT solutions are only for commercial customers.


4th February 2006, 18:59
If the user has Qt Solutions, then he probably also have Qt commercial. I don't see how this could be an open source versus commercial issue.

Most probably the QtSingleApplication header has not been moc'ed (just included in the project, qmake and *.pro files not used).

7th February 2006, 09:48
Sorry I took so long to reply, I'm not at home base at the moment.

I've solved the problem - I wasn't using the .pro files at all up to now. I was letting the MS VS IDE do all the work. Using the .pro files (and qmake) is easy editing too. There's a few little untidy bits witht the automatic creation/editing but it's all no real problem.

The solution is just to use the tools provided the right way - that's all.

Yes, I do have a commercial lisence. Access to QtSolutions is part of that deal. That's not an issue.

many thanks to everyone