View Full Version : Using GoogleMaps to show route?

4th March 2012, 16:36
Hi there
i have a question related to Qt4 and GoogleMaps:
Is it possible to create a GoogleMapView within a desktop application which is able to show a route between to points? For example i want to show the user the way from Street A to Street B like you can with GoogleMaps.

Would be nice if anyone could help me and give me some hints what i have to look for :)


4th March 2012, 18:12
Yes, if you implement an appropriate plugin for QtMobility Location API.

4th March 2012, 23:56
A Google Maps plugin for Qt Mobility is already out there, just Google for it. You could also use the Nokia maps plugin that ships with Qt Mobility. Both services have Ts & Cs to abide by.

I imagine you can also use the Google Maps Active X control through ActiveQt.