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12th April 2012, 01:42
Yuc is Yet another Unit Converter

I've been noticing there are some good unit converters out there, but usually, no matter how good they
are, or how many unit convertions they have, even if they have over 1000 unit convertions, there is
always someone complaining that the hard to find unit they need is not available. Or if there is, you'll
end up with 900 you don't need or even heard of. Also when it comes to 1000 units convertions, it's
possible that the developer fails on one or two because of some bug. Then he user complains, but still
has to wait for a new version for a bug fix.

Yuc doesn't have 1000 unit convertions, has about 60 in 11 categories (angle, temperature, distance,
bits & bytes, area, distance, time, pressure, ...), but gives the user the power to add, edit or delete
the unit convertions formulas, in a very easy way, without any programming knowledge required.
That way you can convert all the units available in the galaxy :)
Also the convertions are displayed in a list, so you can see the convertions between all units of the
same category, not just two units at the same time, as usually most converters do.

You can download it from here http://soft-ingenium.planetaclix.pt/
and the code from here http://gitorious.org/yuc-yet-another-unit-converter